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He just wanted to see the game, and a fellow fan assaulted him. Here's the video.

A fan was assaulted during Thursday night's game between the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo from Instagram screenshot)

If you've ever been to a sporting event, you may have experienced the frustration that comes when the people in front of you want to stand. For the whole game. It's one thing to stand and cheer a big play, but for most fans, the chairs and bleachers are there for a reason; so you can sit and enjoy the game.

A 62-year old Panthers fan tried to address this particular issue with a fellow Carolina fan Thursday night, and was repeatedly punched in the face.

The video

You can see the video here, which shows the incident clearly. The older gentleman is seated and appears to be in a tense exchange of words with the fan standing in front of him, when the younger fan assaults him with multiple punches, leaving the older man bloodied before quickly leaving.

“Words gradually got more and more escalated,” Warren Carrigan, the person who captured the video, wrote in the caption. “There previously was a single mom and her son between us, [but] they left halfway through the 3rd [quarter]. After that, the lid was off. The [older] dude took offense to the couple never sitting down and obstructing his view. The victim telling the dude bro how they’re being jerks and how rude they are for not sitting. The dude bro turns around and calls the victim a “geriatric [expletive]”, “f—–”, and “hick.” Then sucker punches him right in the face.”

The suspect arrested

Friday, police announced that they had arrested the assailant, Kyle Adam Maraghy. He was charged with simple assault.

The NFL has seen an increase in fan violence at games over the years, which the league says it takes very seriously.

“If you are concerned about bringing your family to a game, then that is an issue,” Amy Trask, a former executive with the Raiders who has served on the NFL’s security committee, told The Washington Post. “It’s not just an issue for one team; it’s an issue for all 32 teams. The teams know this. The league knows this.”

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