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Watch what happens when a soccer goalie celebrates a rare missed penalty shot just a tad too early

This penalty shot is about to hit the crossbar, which sent the goalie into immediate celebration mode. He should've waited. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

The wide world of sports is filled with examples of hapless athletes celebrating their triumphs just a bit too soon — and finding themselves thrust into the agony of defeat after their temporary thrill of victory.

The latest example comes from a Thailand Cup semifinal match between Bangkok Sports Club and Satri Angthong, which finished 2-2 and went to a penalty kick shootout, Sky Sports reported.

And soccer penalty kicks are generally easy for the shooter — and every goalie's nightmare.

Indeed the tally was 19-19 when Bangkok's goalie took his turn kicking a penalty shot, the outlet said — and it hit the crossbar and shot toward the sky. A rare miss!

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The Satri Angthong goalie ran forward past the dejected shooter and jumped in exultation.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But wait just a minute.

The ball fell back to earth and bounced — with some healthy backspin.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The successive bounces saw the ball creeping back toward the goal.

The crowd started yelling in disbelief — and it was too late when the Satri Angthong goalie, who was looking in the opposite direction, noticed what he'd left behind and made a fruitless run back to the net.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Sure enough, the ball rolled past the goal line. Score!

Amazing how quickly the tide can turn — and when you least expect it.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Satri Angthong missed its next penalty shot, and Bangkok made it to the finals, Sky Sports said.

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