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Bill Maher blasts Democrats for 'blowing it' on terrorism: Americans are 'not infidels
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Bill Maher blasts Democrats for 'blowing it' on terrorism: Americans are 'not infidels

Bill Maher during the Friday night airing of his HBO show, "Real Time," criticized Democrats over their handling of terrorism in the United States, and in the wake of the New York City terror attack, which left eight dead and injured at least a dozen more.

What did he say about terrorism?

Maher noted while that he didn't agree with President Donald Trump's position on terrorism in the past — i.e., the "Muslim ban" — he isn't at all sure "what the Democratic position" on terrorism is.

"I just think that the Democrats are blowing it on this issue," Maher explained. "Terrorism is a real concern to people."

Others on Maher's panel, which included former CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord and Hollywood director Rob Reiner, voiced their opinions on the issue as well.

Lord said that if the American public believes that a particular party is refusing to address terroristic threats, that Americans would "turn" on that party.

Reiner added that terrorism in the U.S. is a complicated issue for both Democrats and Republicans, and suggested that Islamic religion reform would be a help.

Maher, however, was set on taking down Democrats over their position on terrorism.

"How about a Democratic politician standing up and saying, 'We not only find the terrorist act intolerable but the beliefs behind it?'" Maher said. "This idea that we're infidels? We're not infidels."

Lord added that Democrats have a "political Lord chimed in saying that Democrats have a “political correctness problem," a statement that Maher agreed with — "partly."

"Some of these beliefs are not liberal!" he elaborated. "That's the irony. It's that liberals are defending illiberal tactics!"

Has Maher turned on the Democrats in the past?

Maher in October blasted Democrats again for their lack of focus on issues and ideas important to Americans.

Maher, accusing Democrats of overregulation and more, said, "[Overregulation efforts] feed into the Republican message [that Democrats] don't want to help people; they just want to micromanage their lives."

"It makes people hate us. It makes me hate us," he said of liberals.

Toward the end of his segment, he added, "[Democrats] have a thousand good ideas for how I should live my life, check my privilege, and sort my recycling — and we'll get to that, but first we need to get some Democrats elected, and that's hard when the movement to childproof the world has made Republicans the party of freedom and Democrats the party of poopers."

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