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Arizona man turns off lights on his decadeslong Christmas tradition amid complaints from city

An Arizona homeowner is pulling plug on his "Christmas House" display after complaints from neighbors and the city. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

An Arizona man, who's been lighting up his neighborhood for more than three decades, is not hosting his elaborate Christmas display after complaints from the city and some residents.

“It makes me sad, something I’ve done for over 30 years," Lee Sepanek told KTVK-TV.

Sepanek’s “Christmas House” in Phoenix drew thousands of visitors each year, KTVK reported, but some neighbors complained to the city that the attraction causes traffic headaches and blocked driveways.

Last month, city officials met with Sepanek and suggested he hire people to direct traffic and help ease his neighbors' concerns.

“They told me that they can't stop me from decorating but if they have more complaints of blocked driveways, which I know will happen, they would come over and shut me down,” Sepanek told KTVK.

The homeowner also sells hot chocolate and cookies to help offset the lighting and decorating costs. City officials informed him that he would need to get a permit if he wants to sell or give away food and drinks to visitors.

After the meeting, Sepanek told KTVK that he was discouraged and decided not to put up his "Christmas House" display.

"I’m gonna put up a big sign at the end of my driveway explaining what happened,”  Sepanek said.

But some neighbors who enjoy Sepanek's non-denominational Christmas attraction came up with an idea that will help his Christmas spirit live on.

Neighbors are taking his lights and decorations, and putting them up at seven houses in the neighborhood, KTVK reported.

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