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Off-duty Brazilian police officer guns down two armed robbers — while holding his infant son

Image source: TheBlaze

An off-duty Brazilian police officer managed to take down not one, but two, would-be robbers who attempted to hold up a store — all while he held his infant son in his arms.

What happened?

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Rafael Souza, a Sao Paolo police sergeant, was visiting a Brazilian pharmacy with his child and wife when two armed thugs entered the store.

According to officials, one of the thugs reportedly pointed his firearm at the sergeant and his child, prompting the sergeant to pull his own gun and start shooting.

In the surveillance video, the sergeant can be seen firing on the armed men while holding — and protecting — his infant son, who is secured in the off-duty officer's arm.

Souza's wife can be seen in a lower area of the video, seeking cover from the armed suspects. She can be seen running between aisles, hiding behind shelves as she made her way to her husband.  The officer is later seen handing his child off to his wife, and then resuming his role in the shootout.

Souza's bullets apparently hit both men, and according to the city coroner's office, both suspects were pronounced dead on the scene.

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