Watch: College students hilariously weigh in on Trump’s SOTU — except it hasn’t even happened yet

Watch: College students hilariously weigh in on Trump’s SOTU — except it hasn’t even happened yet
Campus Reform asks college students their thoughts on President Donald Trump's State of the Union address — except it hasn't happened yet. (Image source: YouTube screenshot/Getty Images)

College students have already ripped President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address to shreds, but there’s one glaring problem: Trump’s State of the Union address hasn’t even been given yet.

Trump will deliver his remarks on Tuesday.

What are the details?

Campus Reform published a video Monday featuring one of its reporters asking college students at New York University their thoughts on Trump’s remarks at the State of the Union address.

These are the most entertaining responses to Cabot Phillips’ line of questioning about their reactions to the president’s address.

  • “I didn’t watch it because I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.”
  • “Quite racist, at the very least, if not up there with most racist.”
  • “It’s something that I wouldn’t have expected to happen in, like, our lifetime.”
  • “It’s offensive, it’s crazy, but I’m not shocked by it.”
  • “It’s the behavior of someone who refuses to accept accountability for their failures.”
  • “The way he acts, you shouldn’t be acting like that if you’re the leader of the country, regardless of what party you’re in. So that frustrates me a lot.”
  • “It doesn’t surprise me, his State of the Union address.”
  • “Hopefully, everything he’s outlined can be overturned by public opinion.”
  • “The fact that he started a chant, he’s big on those.”
  • “I think it reveals he has the temperament of a 3-year-old.”

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