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Armed intruder fires at homeowner four times and misses. Homeowner also has a gun—and a better aim.

An Oklahoma homeowner had far greater success aiming his gun after an intruder allegedly fired four times at him and missed just before 3 a.m. Monday. The intruder is in critical condition. (Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot)

Dennis Reif heard noises coming from his kitchen just before 3 a.m. Monday, KXII-TV reported — and the Francis, Oklahoma, homeowner knew just what to do.

"I got my gun out of the drawer because I heard someone smashing in here, and I saw a flashlight beam," Reif told the station.

Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot

The homeowner said he got an eyeful of Chris Born, KXII reported, who fired four shots at Reif — and missed.

But it turns out Reif has a far better aim, hitting Born twice in the chest with his .38-caliber revolver, the station said.

Chris Born (Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot)

"I just quickly leveled at him and fired to protect myself, and he screamed and yelled he was hit," the homeowner told KXII.

What happened next?

"When the shots were fired they dropped everything and left the residence," Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian told the station, adding that Born likely assumed no one was inside Reif's residence.

Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot

Born high-tailed it in a pickup truck with Dustin Hoots, investigators told KXII, adding that Born was caught after a short chase — but Hoots ran off.

He wasn't at-large for long, though.

Hoots soon was found at Born's house "hiding under a table," Christian told the station, adding that Hoots is being held in county jail without bond.

Dustin Hoots (Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot)

Who else was arrested?

Jeanette Matthews and Tara Whittecar — in a separate pickup at the time of the break-in and were believed to be lookouts, Christian told the station — also were arrested, KXII said.

From left: Jeanette Matthews and Tara Whittecar (Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot)

While looking for Hoots, Christian said authorities found several stolen guns at a shop building Born runs, along with stolen items connected to at least 10 burglaries, the station added.

Image source: KXII-TV video screenshot

What else do we know about Born?

Born is hospitalized in critical condition, KXII said, and is a convicted felon.

Born's son, Christopher Thomas Born, is in prison for murder, the station added.

Born's other son Kalup is awaiting trial, also for murder, KXII reported.

Christian told the station that "this family we've dealt for almost as long as I can remember" and that it's "no surprise to me that Christopher Born is in the situation he's in today."

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