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Crooks break into home, beat owner with metal pipe. But victim grabs his gun — and the tables turn.

After crooks broke into a home in Baker, Louisiana, on Monday afternoon, they proceeded to beat the homeowner with a metal pipe. But the victim got a gun — and the tables quickly turned. (Image source: WAFB-TV video screenshot)

Home intruders, take note: It isn't terribly wise to bring a metal pipe to a gunfight.

At least one alleged robber learned that the hard way after he and two apparent accomplices entered a home in Baker, Louisiana, on Monday afternoon, WVLA-TV reported.

According to WAFB-TV, the back door of the home was kicked down.

Image source: WAFB-TV video screenshot

With that, the owner of the home was beaten with a metal pipe, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's officials told WAFB.

But the homeowner was able to retrieve a gun, WAFB reported. He opened fire, the station added, hitting one of the robbery suspects.

While the homeowner was battered and is expected to survive his injuries, WAFB said the shot suspect was in critical condition.

Police are searching for the other two alleged intruders who fled the scene, WVLA reported. k-9 units lost the scent.

Image source: WAFB-TV video screenshot

Investigators told WAFB they believe the two at-large suspects were picked up by another car and left the area, but authorities know who they are.

The female driver of a suspected getaway car was detained and questioned, WAFB reported, adding that she wasn't aware of the situation and wasn't charged.

Image source: WAFB-TV video screenshot

Guess who lives across the street from the crime scene?

Central Police Chief James Salsbury resides across the street from the scene of the crime, WAFB reported, adding that he heard the gunshots, grabbed his own gun and ran to the house to confront the suspects.

"One of the suspects had a white bandana on his face, walked around the corner of the house, had a gun in his hand, and actually pointed it toward the police chief, but immediately turned and ran," Sheriff Sid Gautreaux told WAFB.

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