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Sean Hannity hits Comey with dozens of questions in long tweetstorm — then issues this challenge

Sean Hannity peppered James Comey with numerous questions on social media Saturday in response to a cryptic warning Comey tweeted at President Trump. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Fox News host Sean Hannity fired back at former FBI Director James Comey over the weekend after Comey tweeted a cryptic warning to President Donald Trump.

What did Comey say?

After the president tweeted Saturday that Comey knew about corruption in the FBI and did nothing about it, Comey said Americans will soon know his story and be the judge of who is honorable: him or Trump.

Comey's tweet was most likely a reference to his upcoming book about his life, which is set to hit bookshelves next month.

How did Hannity respond?

Comey's tweet was widely circulated on social media, garnering nearly 350,000 "likes" and more than 100,000 responses by Sunday. One of those who responded to Comey's cryptic message was Hannity, who replied with a barrage of tweets.

Hannity tweeted numerous questions at Comey, which centered on controversies that include Comey, the FBI, DOJ, special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, the FBI's Hillary Clinton email investigation, among other topics.

After eight tweets of questions, Hannity asked Comey whether or not he would appear on his Fox News show for its full hour and his radio show for its full three hours.

Comey did not respond to any of Hannity's questions or his request for an interview.

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