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Watch: Cowboy hat-wearing man jumps into action and disarms armed robber with bare hands

Image source: TheBlaze

A man donning a cowboy hat pounced at the most opportune moment during an attempted armed robbery – and took the armed suspect down with his bare hands.

What are the details?

The incident reportedly occurred at a butcher shop in Monterrey, Mexico, and footage of the event was caught on video and shared to Facebook on Monday.

The video was titled "asalto frustrado," which roughly translates to "thwarted robbery."

The post's caption read, "A guest thwarted a robbery in one of our locations."

Video surveillance of the incident shows the Cowboy hat man — who remains unidentified — the would-be robber, and a cashier in the frame.

Cowboy hat man is in line, apparently preparing to pay for his goods, when the suspect enters the store, brandishes a gun, and appears to tell the cashier to hand over money or goods.

When the suspect appears to notice others entering the store, he turns away from the Cowboy hat man and cashier for a moment, temporarily distracted, and points his gun at those who are entering the store.

This is when Cowboy hat man strikes, and tackles the suspect from behind.

What happens next?

He wrestles the suspect to the ground, and the suspect's weapon goes sliding across the floor and out of its owner's reach.

A store employee can be seen rushing to pick up the weapon before the suspect can get it back in his possession.

When the suspect attempts to flee the scene, a second store employee can be seen tackling him and restraining him for a second time.

Fox News reported that local authorities said the suspect was taken into custody.

The video has thus far been viewed over 100,000 times.

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