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GOP mayor faces recall vote that could remove him from office for criticizing Parkland's David Hogg
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GOP mayor faces recall vote that could remove him from office for criticizing Parkland's David Hogg

A former Maine Democratic mayor is spearheading a movement to remove the city's current  Republican mayor from office for criticizing Parkland student and gun control advocate David Hogg on social media.

What are the details?

Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro faces a recall vote that could see him removed from office. According to The Associated Press, the effort is being led by former Waterville Mayor Karen Heck (D).

Isgro tweeted about Hogg's social media demands that companies boycott Laura Ingraham's Fox News show after she tweeted about the student's college acceptances.

In April, Isgro reportedly reveled in Fox News' president backing Ingraham after the boycott and wrote on Twitter, "Eat it, Hogg."

A screenshot of the alleged tweet can be seen below, copied and shared by an account that calls itself "Waterville Republicans."

The group wrote, "We are deeply disappointed in @nickisgro1's recent tweet about @davidhogg111. As #2a supporters, we don't agree with David's policy ideas, but he should be treated with respect and decency, especially given the terrible tragedy he endured.  Mr. Mayor, apologize."

What has Isgro said about this?

The organization reported that Isgro is blaming the effort on "well-connected and wealthy political elites."

Isgro addressed the recall effort, and in a public Facebook post expressed his displeasure over the movement in a lengthy post targeting "outside special interest groups" that reportedly "turned in enough signatures to have a vote to repeal our accomplishments and repeal local control of Our City."

"My team will be closely examining the petitions for accuracy since over 14% of the petition signatures were disqualified or rejected so far," he added, noting that the movement was nothing more than an an "effort organized by dark money funded outsiders," and said that the attack is not just on him, but on "all of us."

"They do not like the way we run Our City, they do not like that we speak up at meetings, and they do not like how you have worked with me in an effort to put you first before politics and political agendas," Isgro continued. "They want to silence us. They do not like that Democrats, Republicans, Independents and those not enrolled in political parties have come together as a unified people to achieve great things — as friends and neighbors should."

Isgro warned that in the coming weeks, a "dark cloud of deceit will descend on Waterville" along with the impending vote, but advised that not all is lost.

"Now we can show up at the polls and defeat this entire dark-money machine that has invaded Our City," he wrote. "Now we can once and for all put an end to the effort to divide this great community and turn neighbor against neighbor to advance a corrupt ideological agenda. We can stop it in its tracks."

He concluded, "Together, we will once again declare that this is Our City."

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