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Anti-gun leader makes wild accusation about Dana Loesch. She proves it's just a 'shameless lie.

An anti-gun org leader lied about Dana Loesch Saturday, but she was quick to debunk her. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Shannon Watts, founder of anti-Second Amendment organization Moms Demand Action, claimed Saturday that Dana Loesch attempted to "harass" and "intimidate" anti-gun protesters staging at a church in Dallas, where the annual National Rifle Association meeting is taking place.

It took Loesch just one tweet to prove Watts was lying.

What happened?

It all started when Watts tweeted:

It was quite the wild accusation. Watts never posted evidence to prove her claims, but that didn't stop her followers from encouraging her to call the police.

And good thing she didn't because Loesch was nowhere near Watts and her anti-gun crew — and unlike Watts, Loesch easily proved it.

How did Loesch respond?

At the time of Watts' tweet, Loesch said she was "literally finishing lunch right now."

She even posted a picture of her and the unfinished lunch.

Loesch then called on Watts to apologize for her lie.

Case closed.

Did Watts apologize?

No. She only doubled down.

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