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NRA member asks Alyssa Milano's security if they're armed at anti-gun rally. Watch the response.

An armed security guard at Alyssa Milano's anti-gun rally in Dallas intimidated and harassed a man after he asked if they were armed. (Image via Twitter @BenHowe screenshot)

A member of the National Rifle Association was harassed by armed security on Saturday during an anti-gun rally in Dallas, which is where the NRA is holding its annual convention. Liberal actress Alyssa Milano was speaking at the rally.

What happened?

Video of the incident shows the man talking with one of Milano's bodyguards. He can be heard asking one of them if they are armed — it was later discovered they were (oh, the irony) — when one bodyguard suddenly confronts him and forces him away from the event.

The bodyguard forced the man completely away toward the back sidewalk, despite the fact the rally was being held on public property.

According to conservative personality Ben Howe, the man in the video is Will Haraway. Howe also explained that Milano talked to the man after the incident. It was not immediately clear what they discussed, but Howe said he also recorded that conversation and will publish it online.

To note, Milano later claimed the bodyguards were not armed, Howe said.

Did Haraway have a legal right to be where he was?

According to Howe, who cited Dallas city code, Haraway did because he neither represented a group nor a counter-protest and because Milano's event took place on public property.

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