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Suspects carjack man, nearly pull it off — but they get trapped, square off with gun-toting victim.

Two suspects carjack the wrong man — and one of them pays for it dearly. (KHOU-TV video screenshot)

Three alleged carjackers picked the wrong Texas man to mess with early Thursday morning, as the Texas man ended up fatally shooting one of the suspects.

What are the details of the incident?

According to KHOU-TV, the incident occurred at an apartment complex in southeast Houston in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Three unnamed armed suspects reportedly attempted to steal the victim's pickup truck from an the complex, and were nearly successful — except the suspects took off with the victim's truck and ended up stuck after they drove the wrong way.

The victim reportedly caught up with the alleged carjackers on foot, and that's when things went awry for the suspects.

The victim whipped out his gun and exchanged gunfire with the suspects. The victim reportedly was able to shoot one of the alleged carjackers during the scuffle. The other two suspects got away, according to KHOU. Police have had no luck in finding the other two suspects at the time of this writing.

The injured suspect took off from the scene, and was able to make it to a nearby roadway. The suspect, however, collapsed there and caused a motorist to swerve and crash into a construction zone.

According to KHOU, the suspect died at the scene.

Anything else?

KHOU's Janel Forte tweeted about the incident and shared a follow-up video report on Twitter.

She wrote, "Crazy story out of South Houston this morning. [M]y video was too long, I didn’t get to mention when that suspect collapsed on the feeder road, a car swerved around him and ended up crashing into a construction zone. No one injured but that suspect who got shot."

You can watch Forte's video below.

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