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44-year-old 'warrior woman' fights intruder, survives attack that leaves 'blood-filled hallway

A Maryland woman fights back — hard — after an intruder breaks into her home. (Image source: WJZ-TV video screenshot)

A Catonsville, Maryland, woman could very well be alive today because of her "warrior woman" fighting spirit, according to WJZ-TV.

What happened?

On Wednesday night, Baltimore County Police responded to a burglary call that turned into an attempted murder.

Jeanne, who was identified in reports as the 44-year-old wife of Gregory Robin, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the hand as well as bite injuries.

Jeanne reportedly came home with her teenage son Wednesday night to discover that the family's home had been burgled.

She called 911, only to discover that the suspect was still inside the home, and had hidden in the attic. According to WBFF-TV, she then grabbed the family's revolver and waited in the hall.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore County Police told TheBlaze that when Jeanne discovered that the suspect — 55-year-old Everett William Johnson — was still in her home, she pointed her gun at him and demanded he stay where he was.

Johnson attempted to fight the gun away from Jeanne, and the two tussled over possession of the weapon.

According to the spokesperson, Jeanne fired off several rounds, but Johnson was able to procure the gun, and Jeanne ended up taking a bullet wound in the hand during the panic.

The discharges from the gun apparently scared Johnson off, and he fled the home shortly thereafter — with the homeowner's weapon — prior to police arrived on the scene.

When police arrived at the home, they reportedly discovered Johnson walking up the sidewalk and identified him as matching the description called in.

According to the Baltimore County spokesperson, police ordered Johnson to stop. He refused. They also ordered him to put his hands in the air, but Johnson once again refused, and instead, attempted to flee.

Police said that they saw Johnson toss something into a yard before they were able to restrain and arrest him, and when officers later went back to investigate what Johnson had thrown, they discovered Jeanne's revolver lying in the grass.

What else?

Jeanne's husband, Gregory, told WJZ that he "had to come home to a blood-filled hallway," noting that he was still "frazzled" by the incident.

“She’s a warrior woman," Gregory added, saying that she "gave as good as she got," and had reportedly bitten the suspect.

"That is one tough SOB,” Gregory said of his wife.

WJZ reported there was  an existing warrant out for Johnson's arrest.

Johnson, who was taken into custody and placed in the Baltimore County Detention Center without bail, faces a plethora of charges including attempted first degree murder, first degree assault, second degree assault, possession of a handgun, use of a firearm in a felony, illegal possession of a registered firearm, two counts of first degree burglary, attempted first degree burglary, two counts of theft under $1,500, and three counts of malicious destruction of property.

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