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TX-Sen: Ted Cruz asks President Trump to campaign for him as polls narrow in Texas race

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has asked President Donald Trump to come to Texas and campaign for him. (Michael Reynolds/ Pool/Getty Images)

UPDATED, 9 a.m. EST, Aug. 9:  Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe has issued a statement regarding Trump's visit to Texas.

"Pres. Trump has been aggressively campaigning all over the country for Republicans in the midterms. With liberals running all over Texas talking about impeaching the President I would lay odds we may see him again in the next 90 days. Sen. Cruz is at the top of the ballot in Texas, so he has talked to the president multiple times one-on-one about how to get conservatives out and vote in November," Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe said in a written statement to TheBlaze. "We have not placed a formal request for a rally or event but Senator Cruz and President Trump speak often about the political landscape in Texas and how the President can be helpful."

This is the original story:

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has reached out to President Donald Trump and asked him to help in his re-election bid against Democrat Beto O'Rourke, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Cruz told supporters at a campaign stop Monday in Seguin, Texas, that he invited the president to come to Texas and campaign for him.

“I would certainly welcome his support, and I hope to see him in Texas,” Cruz said during his stop near San Antonio, according to the Chronicle. “I think we are likely to see the president down in Texas before the election.”

The race between Cruz and O'Rourke has narrowed more than most expected, according to recent polls.

How is his relationship with Trump?

Cruz and Trump battled during the 2016 GOP presidential primary, and the senator admitted they've had their "ups and downs," the Chronicle reported.

But Cruz has become an ally to the president since he took office and has repeatedly offered his assistance in getting measures passed through the Senate.

“We’re talking to the White House every week, sometimes every day,” Cruz said. “I’ve been proud to lead the effort to bring Republicans together.”

What do the polls show?

A recent Quinnipiac University poll still finds Cruz with a 6-point lead over his O'Rourke. But other surveys have shown tighter results. The Texas Lyceum, a nonpartisan group, found Cruz to have a slim 2-point edge over the El Paso congressman.

In the Texas Lyceum statewide sample of 1,178 adults, which included 806 confirmed registered voters, 41 percent said they would vote for Cruz, 39 percent said they would vote for O'Rourke and 19 percent were undecided. The survey had a 4.67 percent margin of error.

The Cook Political Report has rated the race as "lean Republican." Previously, it had been rated "likely red."

The good news for Republicans is that Cruz has led every poll in the past year, according to CNN.

What does Cruz say?

Cruz, 47, can't afford for his supporters to rest on their laurels, so he has rallied for their help on the campaign trail. Republicans need to get excited and get out to vote or else O'Rourke, 45, could end up taking his seat, Cruz said, according to the Chronicle.

What does O'Rourke say?

The barnstorming candidate's campaign recently released its first ad called, "Showing Up." It features stops from his 254-county trip earlier this year and was filmed using an iPhone, according to O'Rourke.

O'Rourke, who's in the midst of a 34-day drive across Texas, said Cruz is absolutely right when he tells supporters that “this is not an ordinary cycle,” according to Washington Monthly.

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