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NYT finds the smoking gun: Kavanaugh... threw ice at someone!

Glenn Beck
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You know, there's two sides of a coin for every benefit technology brings. Take social media and the internet. Before they existed, journalists had a stranglehold on the mass flow of information and opinion. If you wanted to have a voice, you had to go through your local paper, local news, or maybe even cable news or national publication like the New York Times. But social media has changed all that. If you've got a hot take or maybe just saw some breaking news, you can instantly self publish and blast that information out to the entire world.

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But here's the flip side to that coin. If you work at a news outlet that's supposed to be impartial, anything you've ever blasted out on the interwebs is instantly available to check your impartial or biased bonafides. Take staff writer for the New York Times, Emily Bazelon. On July 9, she tweeted:

As a @YaleLawSch grad & lecturer, I strongly disassociate myself from tonight's praise of Brett Kavanaugh. With respect, he's a 5th vote for a hard-right turn on voting rights and so much more that will harm the democratic process & prevent a more equal society.

That was just three months ago exercising her ability, as we all share, to be an independent opinion maker on a social media platform. Well, Monday afternoon, Emily exercised her other platform at the New York Times with a holy crap bombshell on Brett Kavanaugh. The allegations are straight horrifying. If you have small children in the room or in the car, you might want to hold their ears for a second. Here we go. Emily reported that in September of 1985, Brett Kavanaugh… THREW ICE AT SOMEONE!!!!

Yes, that's where we're at right now. The frigging New York Times is reporting on ice throwing. Oh but surely there were arrests made and charges field right? Well… no. Neither of those things happened.

So what the hell is this all about? It's quite obvious that this story doesn't, nor should it, live up to the editorial standards of the New York Times. Someone threw ice? I mean, are you kidding me? Emily Bazelon's tweets make it obvious that she's opinionated against Brett Kavanaugh. So now, the New York Times has been caught publishing a supposed "journalist" being an activist. And this is no mistake. How did this story get through the Times editorial staff? Maybe because they're activists as well?

Get used to it America. We've got a full week of this as we get closer to the vote. I predict the ridiculousness escalates to full-on clown show. A clown show in the media, leading up to a circus in the Senate. Get your peanuts, cotton candy and popcorn ready.

UPDATE: Here's how the discussion went on radio. Watch the video below.

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