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Alec Baldwin says 'black people love me' for playing Trump. Actual black people seem to disagree.

Alec Baldwin was criticized online for saying black people love him for portraying President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Actor Alec Baldwin seems to feel that he has earned the universal adoration of the African-American community because he has mockingly portrayed President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

Once he said that out loud, however, some black people took to Twitter to make Baldwin the butt of the joke, and to chastise him for his generalization of an entire race.

"I don’t know how to say this and I don’t want to get it wrong either, because everything is a minefield of bombs going off, but ever since I played Trump, black people love me," Baldwin said. "They love me. Everywhere I go, black people go crazy. I think it’s because they’re most afraid of Trump.

"I'm not going to paint every African-American person with the same brush, but a significant number of them are sitting there going, 'This is going to be bad for black folks.'"

Black people go crazy for Alec Baldwin?

Baldwin's comments, which he made to The Hollywood Reporter, were apparently the first time many black people found out that black people "go crazy" for Alec Baldwin because of his satirical portrayal of the president.

"First of all, imagine thinking black people still watch SNL," Ira Madison tweeted, before sharing a side-by-side screenshot showing that Baldwin's comment makes him sound shockingly like the man he mocks on television.

Sylvia Obell of Buzzfeed was so appalled by the comment, she could hardly find words to express herself.

"It's been hours and I'm still unsure of where to begin the list of ways Alec Baldwin got us f***ed up," Obell wrote.

And Ja'Han Jones of HuffPost couldn't overstate his disinterest in Baldwin.

"To borrow a phrase from my grandmother: 'I wouldn't go see [Alec Baldwin] if he was standing by my mailbox," Jones tweeted.

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