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New Chicago abortion clinic opens with aim to destigmatize abortions

A new abortion clinic in Chicago wants to "normalize" abortions as an everyday medical procedure, according to the clinic's director of operations. (Image source: Video screenshot)

An abortion clinic that aims to destigmatize abortion has opened its doors in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The carafem Health Center touts bold advertising with lines that include, "there's no shame in it" and "Abortion, yeah, we do that." It has launched online ads but also has plans to run traditional advertising by the end of the year.

The clinic, which offers other health care services such as IUDs, the abortion pill and birth control pills, started seeing patients on Tuesday. Carafem also has clinics in Atlanta, and Chevy Chase, Maryland.

What's the story?

Carafem said it wants to "normalize" abortions as an everyday medical procedure, according to Kat Boyd, the clinic's director of operations.

“While abortion is a common medical procedure, there’s stigma attached to it,” Boyd told the Tribune. “We try to create an atmosphere that’s warm, welcoming and normalizing.”

Patients are offered hot tea. Soft music and a heating pad are provided during the abortion procedure.

The clinic offers abortions for pregnancies up to 13 weeks, according to its website.

"[W]e deliver high-quality, specialized care that is safe, supportive, and convenient. With a new model of early term abortion care, clients who come into our centers can find relief, strength, and confidence," the website says.

The clinic is in the process of joining local insurance networks.

The out-of-pocket cost for an abortion runs about $550 and the abortion pill costs about $475. Women are sent home with a pink bag of mints and tea after their procedure.

What else?

Carafem's website states that 1 in 4 women who become pregnant will seek an abortion.

In Illinois, abortion is banned after the point of viability except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger or the unborn baby won’t survive after birth.

Also, health care professionals are permitted to refuse to provide abortion services based on religious or moral reasons.

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