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Special education teacher resigns after allegedly spitting on student in Texas classroom

Special education teacher Tiffany White has resigned after she allegedly spat on a student in her classroom. She claimed the incident was just a big misunderstanding. (Image source: Video screenshot)

A special education teacher in Texas has resigned after she allegedly spat on a student in her classroom, KTVT-TV reported.

Tiffany White was placed on administrative leave last week after Grand Prairie Independent School District learned about the incident that was captured on a cellphone video.

White, who taught at Grand Prairie High School, has denied the accusations.

What did White say?

White admitted to KTVT that the video looks bad on her part, but she claimed the incident was just a big misunderstanding.

“I want to apologize for any misconception that is coming from the video. I just want to make clear I did not spit on a student or anyone," White said in a statement.

She said she was choking on some ice and that it unintentionally flew out of her mouth.

"Unfortunately, I was talking and chewing ice at the same time and slightly choked on the ice and it came out of my mouth. The ice was not maliciously spit nor aimed at anyone. The unfortunate part of it all is the video does not capture my consistent coughing and choking afterwards,” White continued.

In another statement, White said she is passionate about teaching special needs children.

“I absolutely love kids and everything that has to do with helping them become our future," she told KTVT. "It has always been my passion to be an advocate for kids and because I have a special needs child, I have total appreciation for all the avenues of learning. It saddens my heart that people think that I could do such a thing, however my passion and love for education will continue."

What did the school district say?

"Due to the nature of that interaction, the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave and will not be returning to the classroom," GPISD officials said in a statement. "The safety and dignity of our students is paramount to providing a nurturing environment where students can learn and be successful."

What else?

The district attempted to pursue charges against White for disruption of a classroom, a Class C misdemeanor, police told the news station, but the student's parents have chosen not to press charges against the former teacher.

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