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Jemele Hill goes on all-day anti-Jordan Peterson rant, shames Seahawks for inviting him to speak

Former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill blasts the Seattle Seahawks for inviting best-selling author Jordan Peterson to speak to the team. (Image source: Jerod Harris/Getty Images, YouTube screenshot)

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill blasted the Seattle Seahawks for their invitation for renowned psychology professor and best-selling author Jordan Peterson to speak to the team.

What did she say?

In a Thursday tweet, Hill, who is now a writer for The Atlantic, wrote, "Seahawks can’t claim ignorance. [Peterson is] on record as believing that women have never been oppressed, and white privilege is a lie. He uses fancy academic words to dress up the fact that he’s a misogynist white supremacist. Thanks for playing, Seattle Seahawks."

Hill was pointing to a tweet by reporter Mike Freeman, who shared a portion of Peterson's 2017 speech on Nazi Germany, which is innocuous at best.

Freeman wrote, "This is the guy Pete Carroll invited to speak to the Seahawks."

"Respecting people has been repackaged as 'extreme leftism,'" Hill later wrote. "It’s ironic that Jordan Peterson is explaining the rise of Nazism, because he is the perfect example of how fascism happens. It’s the mainstreaming of supremacist ideals, which is what he has mastered."

When further pressed on her remarks, Hill continued to defend her stance that Peterson is little more than a sexist racist.

After kicking up a hornet's nest of people defending Peterson — or at least defending her rationale — Hill later tweeted, "[Peterson] has no depth. He’s running a con game trying to make people feel as if their racism and sexism is justified. He’s the equivalent of the preacher who preaches prosperity gospel to poor people."

"He’s not a reasoned conservative. He’s a manipulator," she wrote. "What we need to stop doing is acting like because they say it nicer that their arguments are worthy of hearing. Liberals are allowing white supremacists to be mainstreamed because they’re too polite to call them what they are."

What else?

Carroll invited Peterson to speak to his staff in May, but it's not know if Peterson spoke to the entire team, a select group of players or staff, or just Carroll’s inner-circle, Yahoo Sports reported. Peterson's talk to the team was described as “enlightening,” the report said.

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