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Report: 2019 has already been the worst year for illegal border crossings since 2007


Still, no wall

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According to a report from the Washington Examiner, the number of illegal crossings at the southern border in 2019 has already risen to over 851,000, making 2019 the worst year for illegal border crossings since 2007.

According to the Examiner, Customs and Border Protection says that 40,000 people were taken into custody in September, which is down from the peak of 132,000 in the month of May.

The figure of 851,000 is exclusive of other ports of entry other than the southern border with Mexico, including airports, seaports, and the northern border with Canada.

As has been previously noted, one notable difference in recent years has been the large numbers of Central Americans who crossed the southern border — comprising more than half of this year's total number of apprehensions. Also, far more people were apprehended with family members this year than in past years.

Securing the southern border has been a signature goal for President Donald Trump. As a candidate, he made his pledge to build a wall spanning the border with Mexico the lynchpin of his election efforts.

Although there have been numerous battles over funding the wall since Trump's election, including a declaration of emergency that diverted funding from the Pentagon to wall construction, thus far, dozens of miles of old border have been replaced with new, stronger borders, but CBP has not confirmed construction of any new sections of the border wall.

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