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QB Aaron Rodgers defends unvaccinated NFL teammates: ‘It’s a personal decision’

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NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has defended his unvaccinated teammates and fellow NFL stars who have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that their choices are as personal as anything else.

What are the details?

In remarks to the media this week, Rodgers expressed support for his teammates' decisions on vaccinations.

"Yeah, I've been immunized," he said Thursday following a Green Bay Packers practice.

Rodgers added that he believes COVID-19 in the NFL is an "interesting issue" due to the polarity surrounding the stances for or against the vaccine.

"There's guys that have been vaccinated that have contracted COVID, so it's an interesting issue that I think we're going to see played out the entire season," Rodgers said.

He added, "There's a lot of conversation around it, around the league, and a lot of guys who have made statements and not made statements, owners who have made statements. There's guys on the team that haven't been vaccinated. I think it's a personal decision. I'm not going to judge those guys."

According to a Wednesday report from the Washington Post, more than 91% of NFL have received at least one shot of a two-dose vaccine.

A report from Wisconsin Public Radio stated that players including Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley have both been outspoken about not receiving vaccines, which has caused a rift in some teams. And Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has reportedly had COVID-19 at least twice over the past year, but he remained reluctant about getting the shot as of early August.

What did the Cowboys owner say?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a Tuesday interview that he also believes people have a right to "make their own decision regarding their health and their body," pointing to the COVID-19 shot, but that eventually, the greater good needs to trump any and all personal reservations in order to be a theoretical brother's keeper.

"I believe in that completely until your decision as to yourself impacts negatively many others," he added. "Then the common good takes over. And I'm arm-waving here. But that has everything to do with the way that I look at our team, the Cowboys, or the way I look at our society. We have got to check 'I' at the door and go forward with 'we.' Your Dallas Cowboys are doing that."

The NFL unveiled its new COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason in June, which puts heavy restrictions on what unvaccinated football players are allowed to do.

The NFL regular season begins on Sept. 12 with the Green Bay Packers at the New Orleans Saints.

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