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VIDEO: Alyssa Milano and ex-Rep. Katie Hill unhinged at LA Trump impeachment rally — ‘I’m premenopausal and I'm angry,’ ‘impeach the motherf***er!’


#ImpeachmentEve hysterics

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

Headlining an impeachment rally in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday night, actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano and disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill charged up the crowd by screaming threats at President Donald Trump.

Hill, who was recently forced to resign from Congress following allegations she participated in inappropriate relationships with staffers, seemed to insinuate that her new employment status, or lack thereof, had freed her to speak her mind.

"Tonight, I can be here and I'm not a member of Congress, and this is a solemn, solemn thing," Hill said as she opened her rally speech.

"But I can say tonight, it's time to impeach the motherf***er!" Hill shouted to wild applause. (Content warning: Vulgar language):

When it was Milano's turn to rally, she began by leading the crowd in a chant, saying, "This is what democracy looks like!"

"Hello snowflakes!" Milano then shouted before setting the mood for her speech: "Listen to me very carefully — I am angry! If [Trump] thought Greta [Thunberg] was angry, he's seen nothing yet!"

"I'm premenopausal and I'm angry!" Milano bellowed. (Content warning: Vulgar language):

The rally was one of a string of nationwide impeachment rallies held on the eve of the floor vote to impeach President Trump in the House of Representatives. In a report on the rallies, NBC News called the turnout "modest but passionate" and "notably smaller" than other recent mass protests.

In Los Angeles, rallygoers brought homemade signs, saying, "Trump is Not Above the Law" and "Impeach Trump." They hoped to impress upon lawmakers the urgency of impeaching and removing the president, according to KTLA-TV.

The rallies also occurred amid diminishing support for Trump's impeachment. A new CNN poll released Tuesday highlighted a net 9-point swing in Trump's favor in national polling. Even more, the poll found that support for impeachment among Democrats has dropped by double digits in the last few weeks.

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