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Antifa militants gang up on Trump fans, pummel women to ground — and pro-Trump group responds by singing national anthem
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @KatieDaviscourt

Antifa militants gang up on Trump fans, pummel women to ground — and pro-Trump group responds by singing national anthem

Decidedly stark contrasts

It was a sometimes violent study in contrasts Saturday when a large group of supporters of President Donald Trump faced off with Antifa militants in Olympia, Washington, after numerous media outlets declared former Vice President Joe Biden the 2020 election victor.

What happened?

As chronicled on video by reporter Katie Daviscourt, Trump backers lined streets and even gathered on the steps of the state capitol to wave American and pro-Trump flags and chant "back the blue!" — a pro-police rallying cry:

And while chants of "USA! USA! USA!" rang out, black-clad Antifa militants managed several cries of "f*** the USA!" "f*** America," and stomped on Old Glory. (Content warning: Language):

The pro-Trump crowd told them off with chants of "get a job!" and "f*** Antifa!" (Content warning: Language):

Upping the ante

Soon the verbal war of words turned violent, as a brawl ensued between the groups and police responded with a flash-bang and what appeared to be rounds of non-lethal munitions.

One witness mentioned that Antifa militants were "attacking two women," and then a man bleeding from his eyebrow — presumably a Trump supporter — confirmed that Antifa attacked him as well:

A fitting response

In another clip, two pro-Trump women described the Antifa attack. One said she was punched from behind as a leftist militant tried to steal her pro-Trump flag, and the second woman said a gang of Antifa thugs jumped her.

But soon a distinct sound was heard in the background.

It was singing. A bit off-key, a tad haggard — but singing nonetheless. It was the national anthem.

That's right. The pro-Trump crowd answered the cowardice and destruction that have become Antifa's trademark with a statement of hard-won freedom and liberty — even for the likes of those who'd rather stomp all over it.

Anything else?

Should Biden take office in January, he may have to contend with more than he may have bargained for. Also on Saturday, anarchists busted windows at the Multnomah County Democrats building in Portland and spray-painted messages such as "F*** Biden" and "No Presidents" — along with the universal symbol of anarchists.

The same night in Washington, D.C., black-clad demonstrators marched toward Black Lives Matter Plaza and held a large sign that read: "FREE THE PEOPLE, FIGHT THE POWER, F*** THE POLICE – DEFUND, DISARM, DISBAND." Another sign said: "BURN DOWN THE AMERICAN PLANTATION."

The group chanted, "What do we want? Justice When do we want it? Now! If we don't get it — Burn it down! BURN. IT. DOWN!" along with, "F*** Trump! F*** Biden! No more presidents!"

In Detroit, one leftist group wasn't too thrilled with Biden, either, and chanted, "F*** Donald Trump! F*** Biden too! Both of them don't give a f*** about you!"

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