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Despite claiming American children are collectively owned, Biden still won't claim Hunter Biden's love child as his kin
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Despite claiming American children are collectively owned, Biden still won't claim Hunter Biden's love child as his kin

President Joe Biden came under fire from concerned parents earlier this week after he suggested that "our nation's children are all our children," stressing that there is "no such thing as someone else's child."

While — per the president's suggestion — the 4-year-old child Hunter Biden sired out of wedlock may belong to the nation, apparently she is not welcome in the Biden clan.

During a "Take Your Child to Work" event at the White House Thursday, Biden fielded a series of questions from hand-picked reporters and the children of administration staffers, some of which unexpectedly proved challenging.

When prompted to detail the last country he traveled to, Biden had trouble answering, reported the New York Post.

"The last country I’ve traveled, I’m trying to think of the last one I was in," said Biden. "I’ve been to, met with 89 heads of state so far. So, uh, trying to think where was the last place I was; it’s hard to keep track."

A child in the crowd finally liberated the president from his puzzlement over his recent whereabouts, shouting, "Ireland."

Earlier this month, Biden spent four days in Ireland, where he told parliamentarians, "I'm home."

"Yeah, you're right. Ireland. That's where it was," Biden replied Thursday. "How'd you know that?"

The president later broached the subject of the various children in his life: "I have six grandchildren and I am crazy about them. I speak to them every single day. Not a joke. As a matter of fact, I just got finished going through the calls and, um, only one of them answered the phone," said Biden.

The president proceeded to stagger through a list of the grandchildren he recognizes: Naomi, 29; Finnegan, 23; Maisy, 22; Natalie, 18; Robert Hunter Biden II, 17; and Beau Jr., 2.

He did not, however, mention Navy Joan Roberts, the daughter of Hunter Biden whom neither the first son nor the president have reportedly bothered to meet.

While still dating his brother Beau's widow, Hunter Biden, 53, met Lunden Roberts, a former stripper in Washington, D.C., at the Mpire Club where she was working.

Despite subsequently conceiving a child with Roberts, the first son claimed in his memoir, "Beautiful Things," that he had "no recollection" of the encounter.

Biden later challenged the woman in court and tried desperately to avoid both taking a paternity test and paying child support.

After a protracted legal battle and a subsequent paternity test, it was confirmed that Hunter Biden was indeed the father — making Joe Biden the little girl's grandfather.

Fox News' Peter Doocy asked the president around the time the DNA proof become public, "I’m wondering if you have a comment on this report, and court filing, out of Arkansas that your son Hunter just made you a grandfather again."

"No, that’s a private matter and I have no comment," replied President Biden. "Only you would ask that. ... You’re a good man. You’re a good man. Classy."

TheBlaze previously reported that Biden has been required to pay child support since January 2020, but has since sought to pay less, citing a "substantial material change" in his financial circumstances.

This week, an Arkansas judge ordered that Hunter Biden appear in court on May 1 as well as for all subsequent hearings pertaining to the ongoing paternity case.

GOP deputy communications director Zach Parkinson noted that the president's latest omission of Navy Joan when listing his grandchildren can only mean one of three things, "none of which are good": "Biden can't remember how many grandkids he actually has"; "Biden knows and chooses to actively neglect his own grandchild"; or "Hunter hasn't told him/lied to him about the paternity test."

Parkinson further indicated that liberal media outlets are willing to join the president in discounting Hunter Biden's love child as one of the president's kin.

Parkinson noted that CBS and the Associated Press have chosen to "whitewash this seventh grandchild out of the story," but they are not alone.

Several months after a DNA test confirmed Hunter Biden's paternity, NBC's "Today" reported — ahead of the 2020 election — that then-candidate Joe Biden only had six grandchildren.

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