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'I like kids better than people': President Biden asks 6-year-old girl if she's 17 at awkward 'Friendsgiving' event
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'I like kids better than people': President Biden asks 6-year-old girl if she's 17 at awkward 'Friendsgiving' event

President Biden's apparent good deeds were overshadowed by strange comments made toward children at a Friendsgiving dinner event in Virginia.

The president visited Naval Station Norfolk to serve Thanksgiving dinner to military members and their families, Reuters reported, including families associated with the Dwight D. Eisenhower and Gerald R. Ford aircraft carriers. The carriers are both deployed in the Mediterranean Sea due to the Israel-Palestine war.

Biden's first awkward comment was made before children at the event got a chance to view the new "Wonka" movie, a remake of the classic "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" story.

"I like kids better than people," Biden said. "I wish I could stay and watch 'Wonka' with you, but I'm not gonna get to do that," he added.

Biden used the same line in 2021 during a CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper. After the president made a comment about the host's child, Cooper replied "Yes, he's 9 and a half months, so I'm very happy."

"I get it. No, no, everybody knows I like kids better than people," the president remarked.

Alongside first lady Jill Biden, the president served portions of mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole to hungry diners at the military hangar and told service members that they are "the spine, the sinew, the backbone of this operation."

"You family members are the heart of this operation," Biden added.

Unfortunately, the president made questionable remarks as he approached the table of a family who was seated to the left of where he was giving remarks.

"I love your ears!" Biden told a little girl who was wearing a festive headband with animal ears. "I love 'em. They’re really cool! What’s your name?"

"Catherine," the small girl replied.

"Catherine ... what a beautiful name. That’s my mommy’s name," the president remarked before presuming the girl's age.

"How old are you? 17?" Biden asked the young child.

"No, she's 6," some one else replied.

"Six?!" the president said.

The president turned 81 years old the following day, making him the oldest president to serve in the Oval Office.

Comedian Bill Maher was the first to kick off with jokes about the president's age, saying that his latest birthday is an occasion that is "very bad politically."

"We've never had a president who's 81. Doesn't mean he can't do it, I'm just saying. I like the guy, but I'm just saying if Joe Biden was a balcony, I wouldn't step out on him for a smoke," Maher joked.

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