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'Bikers for Trump' show up outside DNC with a message to Democrats: ‘Wisconsin ain’t theirs, it’s ours’


Wouldn't want to mess with these guys

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As the Democratic Party prepared to continue its convention festivities Wednesday, a group called "Bikers for Trump" rode into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to deliver a message: "Wisconsin ain't theirs, it's ours."

Roughly 100-150 representatives of the group, riding hogs and donning Trump 2020 memorabilia, showed up outside the security perimeter of the Wisconsin Center at around 4 p.m., WTMJ-TV reported.

They started their journey 40 miles north in West Bend before riding down to Milwaukee in order to show support for the president in the battleground state.

They weren't there to "poke the bear," the group's founder Chris Cox told the outlet, "but we're here to keep an eye on things."

While gathered outside the convention center, the group reportedly waved Trump 2020 flags, sang "The Star-Spangled Banner," said the Pledge of Allegiance — and revved their engines to make their presence known.

One biker told WTMJ-TV: "We're not concerned about their convention. We wanted to show our presence and support for our president, Donald Trump. They come into Milwaukee, which is fine. That's their prerogative. They're having their convention, it's not a big deal ... but we want to show support for our president."

"We're not going to cause any problems, but we don't want them to think that because they have their convention here, that they took Wisconsin," he continued.

"Wisconsin ain't theirs, it's ours," he added emphatically.

'Bikers for Trump' arrive in Milwaukee to support President Trump youtu.be

The outlet reported that the assembly was peaceful and police never even approached the group while they gathered outside the convention center.

The Democratic National Convention will conclude its fourth and final night of action on Thursday as former Vice President Joe Biden is set to take the stage and accept the party's nomination for president.

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