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Washington Post torn to shreds for defending 'peeping' biological male living at sorority house: 'Journos once again siding with the predators'
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Washington Post torn to shreds for defending 'peeping' biological male living at sorority house: 'Journos once again siding with the predators'

The Washington Post penned a 5,000-word defense for a biological male identifying as a female to live with women at a sorority house at the University of Wyoming. The left-leaning media outlet received a barrage of negative responses for attempting to make excuses for the transgender individual – who has been accused of having an erect penis while "peeping" at sorority sisters.

As Blaze News previously reported, Artemis Langford became the first transgender individual to be accepted into the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority in October 2022. Langford was accepted into the sisterhood with a majority vote by KKG members.

However, some Kappa Kappa Gamma members later revealed that they were pressured into accepting Langford into the sorority because they feared being labeled as "homophobic" or "transphobic."

In March 2023, several former and current members of Kappa Kappa Gamma filed a lawsuit against Langford.

Blaze News previously reported:

As troubling as a man pretending to be a sorority sister would be, some UW KKG members have complained that Langford, who is 6'2" and weighs 260 lbs., makes almost no effort to appear like a woman. A source connected to the sorority who spoke with TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity claimed that while Langford often wears vaguely feminine clothing, such as "a tunic and leggings with tall boots,'" he has not undergone any medical treatment or procedure to alter his physiognomy and make it more womanly.

The sorority sisters claimed that Langford had been "peeping" on them in intimate situations. Langford was allegedly caught ogling a sorority member who was only wearing a towel as she walked toward the communal bathroom to take a shower.

Langford reportedly created a Tinder dating profile that was seeking to match with females.

In April 2023, a judge forced the sorority members in the lawsuit to reveal their identities in order for the suit to proceed.

In August 2023, a judge threw out the sorority members' lawsuit against the transgender individual because Kappa Kappa Gamma's bylaws do not define what a “woman” is.

U.S. District Court Judge Alan B. Johnson wrote, "With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the court will not define a 'woman' today."

On Sunday, the Washington Post published a sympathetic article defending Langford living with sorority sisters and painting the transgender individual as the victim in the situation.

The outlet claimed that Langford's name was on "neo-Nazi websites" and a "forum for gun owners."

"Right-wing pundits portrayed her on national television as a predator — as a perverted man who faked his way into a sorority to leer at women," the article read. "Death threats followed. Strangers began stalking her. Police assigned extra patrols to the sorority house."

Langford said of the lawsuit from KPP members, "Hate from strangers is one thing. It was a gut punch after working so hard to get in to realize there were people who never wanted me there in the first place."

Langford allegedly considered leaving the sorority, but instead decided to stay at the all-female house "for the precedent it could set for other trans students and for the sisterhood she still hoped to find."

The Washington Post alleged that KKG members involved in the lawsuit saw Langford on campus and began whispering before they "shot Artemis a look of disgust."

Langford and Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter leaders agreed that the transgender individual shouldn't live at the sorority house for the safety of all parties involved.

The outlet noted that Artemis was diagnosed by doctors as being on the autistic spectrum at age 8. Langford had attempted suicide as a child and as a teenager.

The official X social media account for the Washington Post promoted the article defending the biological male posing as a sorority woman by writing: "A 21-year-old University of Wyoming student was looking for community. Instead, she faced death threats, a federal lawsuit and an attempt to kick her out."

Online commentators tore the Washington Post to shreds for the deceptive framing of the situation.

Blaze Media commentator Auron MacIntyre: "'Man joins sorority by dressing as a women' was a comedy movie premise Now it’s the new civil rights movement."

BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey: "He’s a man who joined a sorority to satisfy his sexual fetish at the expense of girls’ safety and comfort. The testimonials of the sorority members, detailing the sexually invasive questions with which he harassed them, make that clear. Journos once again siding with the predators."

College professor Wilfred Reilly: "Presenting a 300 pound male who joined a sorority, wandered around with an erection, and wanted to shower with the sisters as a 'victimized trans woman' is peak WaPo."

State Freedom Caucus Network Communications Director Greg Price: "Sorority girls were uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their house with a 6'4, 240 lb man who got erections while watching them change. Media claims that he is the victim."

Writer Ian Haworth: "I’ve spoken with students at University of Wyoming, and they’ve said that when the cameras aren’t around, this man wears men’s clothes. It’s a scam."

Parents Defending Education Director Mailyn Salabarria: "'Biological male is trying to impose his sexual fetish on unwilling women. They are objecting. Now you're demonizing them.' There. Fixed for y’alls."

Blaze Media commentator Delano Squires responded with a "Saturday Night Live" comedy skit from the early 1990s of Rob Schneider posing as a woman to be roommates with females for his own sexual gratification.

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