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Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson calls for internal investigation of himself after passersby discover him unconscious in vehicle


Well, that's thorough

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Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has called for an internal investigation of himself after passersby discovered him slumped over in a vehicle in Chicago and called 911.

The incident took place Thursday, when Johnson said he pulled over to rest after feeling faint.

What are the details?

First responders assessed Johnson and determined that he was not under the influence of either alcohol or drugs during the incident.

During a Thursday night news conference, Johnson said that, after he had been out with friends for dinner, he realized that he did not take his blood pressure medication. On the ride home, Johnson said he felt faint and pulled over the vehicle. He ended up passing out at the wheel with the engine running.

"Out of abundance of caution, I pulled over to the side [of the road] and stopped, even though I was relatively close to home," he said. "Someone called 911 and reported a person asleep at the stop sign."

He continued, "Responding officers did come. They checked on me and confirmed that I could continue on my way. Also, that feeling that I was feeling had passed by that time."

Johnson said that when he felt light-headedness come on, he was prepared to pull over.

"I pulled over, stopped, and just rested myself until that feeling passed. I fell asleep," he said, "because remember, guys, we worked a long day that day."

Anything else?

Johnson said that it was important to "avoid the appearance of impropriety," and called for the internal investigation.

"To avoid the appearance of impropriety and just have total transparency, I ordered the Bureau of Internal Affairs to conduct an internal investigation just to be transparent," he admitted. "As I've said before, every officer, regardless of rank, must uphold themselves to the highest of standards, and that includes me."

Johnson said that he recently had his blood pressure medication adjusted after suffering bouts of low blood pressure.

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