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Christian arrested while reading Bible aloud at LGBTQ event preaches at city meeting: 'We are all going to stand before God one day'
Screenshot of @BenZeisloft X video (Featured: Marcus Schroeder)

Christian arrested while reading Bible aloud at LGBTQ event preaches at city meeting: 'We are all going to stand before God one day'

The young Christian man who was arrested while reading from the Bible on a loudspeaker outside a "family entertainment" drag show in Watertown, Wisconsin, over the weekend has not been deterred. He then spoke at a city meeting a few days later and continued sharing the message of the gospel.

On Saturday afternoon, Marcus Schroeder and some of his fellow members of Mercy Seat Christian Church went to the so-called "Pride in the Park" celebration in Watertown to evangelize the crowd and protest the sexualization of children. The event was billed as "family entertainment," but Christians at the event reported seeing drag queens wearing lingerie and dancing lasciviously near "little children."

Schroeder, who had been reading passages from Galatians over a loudspeaker while standing on a public sidewalk outside the event, was arrested and charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest. Four other Christians were detained as well, and at least one of them received a citation that she intends to fight.

If the arresting officers of city officials hoped that the arrest would deter Schroeder and his Christian friends, they were wrong. Schroeder then attended the Watertown Common Council meeting on Tuesday to defend his actions at the event and to explain the inimitable role that God and Christianity play in keeping social order, referencing a group of neo-Nazis, who also attended the Pride event, to illustrate his point.

"What's wrong with Nazism?" Schroeder asked the audience at the city meeting. He then answered his own question: "The God of scripture says that we are made in his image, and so to murder innocent people is a violation of God's commands."

Schroeder then used the concept of the inherent dignity of the human person to explain why hedonism and unfettered sexuality are likewise wrong. Without God and his prescribed law, human beings are simply "animals" with no real "value," Schroeder said. And if there is no law proscribing human sexuality, then there is no reason not to descend into feral, animal-like promiscuity, he suggested.

But God does exist, Schroeder claimed, as does his law, and the only way to maintain a decent and civilized society is to submit ourselves to it. "As a culture, we can have our disagreements, but understand that we are all going to stand before God one day," Schroeder said. "And we're going to have to give an account for what we have done with the children in our society."

He also explained that he has had many conversations with pro-LGBTQ advocates and that he and other Christians like him do not "hate" those people. They simply want them to turn to God and stop violating children's innocence. "I completely understand the other side. I want to understand the other side," Schroeder said at the city meeting. "But drag queens twerking on kids, in lingerie, is unacceptable."

His speech at the common council meeting can be heard in the social media post below:

Schroeder later told the Sentinel that he intends to continue sharing the gospel as much as possible. "Jesus told us to disciple the nations and teach them to obey all that Christ has commanded us, and part of the nations includes the culture," he said. "It's not that we're just trying to get political. This is God's world, and people have to live by God's rules. So we're here to take a stand for justice."

The Sentinel contacted Watertown Mayor Emily McFarland and Watertown Police Chief Robert Kaminski seeking comment about Schroeder's arrest but did not receive a response.

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