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Firefighters detail destructive church fire that left crosses, Bibles untouched: ‘Odds were against us; God was not’


Incredible turn of events


A devastating fire broke out on Sunday at Freedom Ministries Church in Grandview, West Virginia — but every single cross and Bible survived the inferno.

What are the details?

When the local fire department arrived on the scene, firefighters had to back out of the fire at least once. The fire was so large that four different area fire departments responded to the scene.

After the departments extinguished the fire, the firefighters made an incredible discovery: None of the church's crosses or Bibles had been touched by the blaze.

A Facebook post from the Coal City Fire Department described the fire as "so hot that in one point in time, firefighters had to back out."

The post shared several pictures of the fire's aftermath, showing the undamaged Bibles and crosses.

"In your mind, everything should be burned, ashes," the post described. "Not a single Bible was burned and not a single cross was harmed!"

The full post stated:

On March 3 around 12:58am our department was dispatched to assist Beaver VFD with a structure fire at the Freedom Ministries Church, located in Grandview WV. Though odds were against us, God was not.

Picture this, a building so hot that at one point in time, firefighters had to back out. In your mind, everything should be burned, ashes. Not a single bible was burned and not a single cross was harmed!! Not a single firefighter was hurt!

Prayers for the pastor and the congregation today.

Jerry Wistling, who lives near the church, saw the fire early Sunday morning after his Ring doorbell detected the fire's heat signature and alerted him with an alarm.

"It was about 1:25 a.m. and the Ring doorbell went off," Wistling told WVNS-TV. "Something told me to get up; it wasn't normal. I walked through the bedroom, came into the living room and looked over the side and it was totally engulfed in flames. I mean, it was shooting 50 feet high. It was hot."

The church was forced to cancel their morning services Sunday.

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the blaze.

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