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Watch: Police in Colorado draw gun in confrontation with unarmed black man who was picking up trash in his yard


After initially accusing him of trespassing, police realized that the man really did live at that address

Image source: ABC News screenshot

The police department in Boulder, Colorado, is investigating a confrontation between a black resident and police that occurred after an officer thought he might be trespassing on his own property.

What happened?

A black man in Boulder was picking up trash in his yard last week when a police officer stopped him. The officer noted that the property had a "private property" sign and asked the man if he had a right to be there. According to a news release by the city of Boulder, the man presented a school identification card as evidence that he actually lived in the building.

But this failed to convince the officer, who detained the man and called for backup, saying on his radio that the man was "uncooperative and unwilling to put down a blunt object." This "blunt object" was later identified as a grabbing tool used to pick up trash.

In a video that has since gone viral, the police can be seen ordering the man to sit down. He refused, saying he shouldn't have to since it's his own property and he pays his taxes.

"You come on my property, with your weapons drawn, threatening me at the place where I [censored] sleep! How do you feel about that?" he can be heard saying.

He counted out eight police officers standing around him at that point. He told the officers that he did not have a weapon, but one of the officers can be seen in the video with his gun drawn and pointed toward the ground until the man puts down the trash-grabber tool he was using.

"I don't have a weapon!" the man said. "This is a bucket, and this is a clamp!"

Thankfully, the incident was resolved before it escalated any further.

"Officers ultimately determined that the man had a legal right to be on the property," the news release said, "and returned the man's school identification card. All officers left the area and no further action was taken."

The Boulder Police Department is now conducting an internal affairs investigation into the incident.

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