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Comedian and actor Jamie Kennedy blasts cancel culture: 'There's no forgiveness any more'


He makes a really great point

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Comedian and actor Jamie Kennedy has lamented the existence of cancel culture and said that because of social media's critical eye, there's no such thing as forgiveness any more.

What are the details?

Kennedy, 50, recently made the remarks during an interview with Fox News while promoting his new film, "Last Call."

The actor, according to the outlet, "pointed out that both context and nuance [are] needed before passing judgment."

"It's a dicey time," he told the outlet. "I mean, let's take [a] recent example ... Pepé Le Pew. I mean, if we put a magnifying glass to everything in history, I will assure you with the new guard you can almost cancel everything. So it's a matter of nuances and context."

Kennedy added that people also need to take "personal responsibility" for applying common sense to real-life scenarios as opposed to that of a fantastical nature — such as cartoons.

"Does a cartoon have real-world implications? Yes, if enough people consume it, they believe that is a law," he explained. "But the question is, do you believe a skunk can talk, and do you believe a skunk buys flowers for a cat? ... Do you have enough common sense to understand that you're not going to take your love and your sex lessons from a cartoon skunk?"

The 50-year-old entertainer — who made his film debut in 1996's "Romeo + Juliet" — explained that "it's a scary time" and noted that "at some point you've got to live."

"It's like there's no forgiveness any more," he added.

What else?

Earlier in March, Kennedy told Living Life Fearless that cancel culture is "running rampant."

"Cancel culture is running rampant, and it's huge, and there's a lot of people being offended for other people," he said. "The people that are supposed to be offended aren't even being asked if they're offended. It's the other people that get offended. That's a problem. And it's making everybody walk on eggshells, if you will. And we got to figure out what's okay and what's not okay."

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