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Stolen DC pizza dough truck smashes into Secret Service officer's car, spilling precious dough into streets

Image via Penguinsix / YouTube (screenshot)

A stolen truck carrying pizza dough crashed into a Secret Service officer's personal car in D.C., leaving the truck mangled and overturned with product sprawled over the grass.

A Fox News report said the crash happened near 19th St. and Virginia Avenue around 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

With trays of pizza dough balls covering the ground, the driver was rushed to hospital in stable condition as emergency teams emptied the truck's diesel fuel. The United States Secret Service officer was not injured.

"Shortly before 3 p.m., a box truck that was reported stolen collided with a personal vehicle operated by a Secret Service Uniformed Division officer at the intersection of 19th St. and Virginia Ave. NW," Public Information Officer Lt. Paul Mayhair said to Fox News.

"The officer was uninjured in the crash, and responding units detained the driver of the box truck," the lieutenant continued. "There were no injuries to the public, and the driver of the box truck was taken to an area hospital in police custody as our investigation continues."

The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that the Secret Service is actively investigating the incident.

Also, in 2015, a Domino's pizza truck spilled dough across an Indianapolis road when it crashed into the underpass of a bridge that was too low for the truck to pass under.

Auto theft is not typically a big problem in D.C., with just 3,400 hundred vehicle thefts in the nation's capital in 2020, according to the Insurance Information Institute. D.C. had the 11th lowest number of auto thefts in the country in 2020.

Comparatively, states with the third to tenth most auto thefts in 2022 had between 26,000-47,000, whereas Texas had over 100,000 thefts and ranked second. California had the most auto thefts in 2022 with over 200,000.

With a total of over 1,000,000 stolen vehicles in the United States in 2022, this marked the first time the number of auto thefts has been over the one million mark since 2007, when 1.1 million vehicles were the subject of crimes.

The increase in thefts took a large jump in 2020 when the number rose by 11%, followed by a 6% increase in 2021, and then 7% jump for 2022.

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