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Democrat asks pro-life witness at abortion hearing, ‘Where is the compassion once you’re born?’ then cuts her off when she tries to answer


'Why can't we care about both?'

Screenshot: GOP Oversight/YouTube

During a contentious exchange at a House Oversight Committee hearing on state-level abortion laws, Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) cut off BlazeTV host and hearing witness Allie Stuckey when she tried to answer a question about whether or not pro-lifers still care about children after they've been born.

Kelly began her question by speaking to Stuckey's stated desire to see the "same basic compassion" for children both outside and inside the womb. Then, after complaining that about Republicans' positions on issues like gun control and welfare, Kelly asked, "Where is the compassion once you're born? That's the question I have."

Stuckey responded with the following:

Ms. Kelly, thank you so much for bringing up these points because I agree that we should have compassion from the womb to the tomb, that's what I believe. But your premise is that these things are mutually exclusive, that we either have to be on your side of the debate and for violently murdering children inside the womb or we're not pro-life. They're not mutually exclusive—

"No," Kelly interrupted over the end of Stuckey's answer, "I'm just saying, like, you're saying we're violently murdering but there's a lot of kids being murdered every day."

"Why can't we care about both?" Stuckey responded.

Rather than respond to Stuckey's question, Kelly reclaimed her time, thereby ending the exchange.

Earlier during the hearing, Stuckey was cut off by Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) during an answer about whether or not there were any good reasons to procure an abortion. But she was allowed to finish after protests from Republican members of the committee.

Footage of the full hearing is available here:

Full Committee Hearing: Examining State Efforts to Undermine Reproductive Health Carewww.youtube.com

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