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Democrats signal moving impeachment goalposts, could drag process on into next year


Do they even have a plan?

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With Christmas just weeks away, it appears the Democrat-led effort to impeach President Donald Trump may have to wait until the new year.

According to Fox News reporter Chad Pergram, Democrats are signaling that impeachment could, at least in the short term, be put on the back-burner due to a legislative backlog and the fact that impeachment "doesn't fit the holiday spirit."

"A member of [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi's leadership team today told Fox that the backlog of bills up this month in the House 'works against' a December impeachment vote. And the Democrat noted that impeachment 'doesn't fit the holiday spirit.' That means impeachment could wait until 2020," Pergram reported Monday.

The potential difference between whether Democrats further move the impeachment goalposts is whether or not Speaker Pelosi believes she has shored up enough votes to pass articles of impeachment.

As Pergram noted, Pelosi knows the Democratic caucus well, meaning that if impeachment is kicked into next year, it is likely because there is dissension in her ranks.

However, the House announced Monday that it will remain in session until Dec. 20, the Friday before Christmas. As history would have it, Bill Clinton was also impeached just days before Christmas in 1998.

Still, it remains unclear whether Democrats will even vote to impeach the president. Public polling shows that support for Trump's impeachment and removal from office has declined, especially among independent voters, who will be crucial in the 2020 election.

Impeachment will remain in high-gear in the meantime. This week, the House Judiciary Committee will hold its first public hearing, where a panel of constitutional scholars and legal exerts are expected to testify, both about the impeachment process and whether Trump's alleged wrongdoing clears the constitutional hurdle for impeachment.

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