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Woman's Facebook post alleges police officer stalked her. He resigns, then another woman comes forward.
Image source: WNWO-TV video screenshot

Woman's Facebook post alleging police officer's stalking goes viral. He resigns — then another woman comes forward.

She had screenshots

Facebook user Emily Hackler shared a post about an Ohio police officer on Monday, insisting that the officer followed her home from a nearby gym and sent her unsolicited messages on Facebook.

Following her post, which went viral, the department suspended the officer — identified as Glenn Goss Jr. — and took away his service weapon.

Goss later resigned from his position.

What are the details?

Hackler, 21, shared screenshots on Monday featuring a conversation between her and the former officer.

She captioned the post, "So some creep decided to follow me on my way home from planet fitness. Turns out he works for the rossford police department and used my plate number to figure out who I was, to message me personally and tell me how hot I was. Can you say HARRASSMENT[.]"

Hackler said that when she arrived home, she received a Facebook message from Goss.

He wrote, "Had fun racing you on Crossroads and 795 earlier."

Hackler didn't know who had messaged her, but had an inkling that it was the man who followed her from the gym. As it turned out, her follower was a police officer.

When she asked who he was, he sent a photo of himself in uniform.

"I apologize for the randomness haha," he wrote. "I just wanted to give you a hard time quick about racing and say you're a hottie."

Goss reportedly told her that he figured out who she was after running her license plate.

"I didn't mean to come off unprofessional," he apologized, but Hackler wasn't having it.

She responded, "I'm not a fan of stalking and harassment. You had no business looking my information up while not even on the job, meanwhile messaging me on your personal account which you got from my information that I did not willingly give you."

In a later Facebook update, Hackler wrote, "[T]he officer has been suspended with his badge and gun taken away! They are going to start an underground investigation starting tomorrow morning. Thank you everyone for your positive words and encouragement!"

She later reported that Goss resigned from his position at the Rossford Police Department.

WNWO-TV reported that the city of Rossford confirmed that Goss resigned as of Tuesday.

Hackler told the station that she wasn't happy that Goss reportedly used his power as an officer to track her down for anything that wasn't professional.

"It was terrifying that someone like this is working as an officer, has access to millions of people's information and can do this with anybody," she said.

What else?

WNWO reported that Hackler isn't the only one who claimed to have received such attention from Goss.

Taylor Yarder said that Goss sent her similar messages in August — just hours after he let her off with a warning on a speeding ticket.

"I thought maybe he had put a report in and was going to give me a ticket after the fact," Yarder told the station. "I really didn't think it was something to report at the time until I saw this other girl's messages."

Yarder said that she wanted to see him designated a sexual predator because of his actions.

"I want to see him fired, never allowed to be in a police force again, and shoot, maybe he should even be considered a sexual predator because this is something serious," Yarder said.

The Toledo Blade reports that Goss is the son of a former Rossford police chief. The Blade noted that the former chief resigned from his position in 2018 after nearly seven years on the job. At the time, the former police chief said his resignation was "directly related to affording his son, Glenn Goss, Jr., career opportunities that would potentially be limited as long as the senior Goss remained chief."

The outlet reported that state investigators are now trying to determine if Goss misused the police database to identify the women.

Rossford Police Chief Todd Kitzler says that he's disappointed any officer of the law would behave in this manner.

"I'm disappointed, that's my feeling right now," he said. "But I don't want to jump to any conclusions until the investigation is done. It's a very serious allegation, and if you want my feelings, I'm disappointed."

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