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Father arrested after 5-year-old brought cocaine to school, said it made him feel 'like Spiderman'

Image source: WWLP-TV screenshot

A Holyoke, Massachusetts man has been arrested after his 5-year-old son allegedly brought cocaine to school and told teachers it "made him feel like Spiderman," according to NBC news.

According to the Holyoke police, the child showed the baggie — which was imprinted with images of Spiderman on the side — to teachers, and told them that he put the substance into his mouth, where it made him "feel like Spiderman." Concerned that the baggie contained cocaine, the teacher called the principal, who called the police.

The police then raided the home of the boy's father, Benny Garcia, whereupon they allegedly found 38 baggies of cocaine and 170 baggies of heroin in the house. Garcia was noted to also have an outstanding arrest warrant for narcotics. They also found another infant child living in the home with the child's mother.

Police placed Garcia under arrest, where he is currently being held pending a bail hearing on Wednesday, November 20th. Both children were placed in the custody of child protective services.

Police told NBC news that the boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but that in spite of the boy's statements, they do not believe he actually ingested any of the cocaine.

In addition to the charges Garcia faces from his earlier warrant, Garcia has now been charged with numerous additional narcotics violations, as well as child abuse and neglect charges.

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