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Former Muslim shares viral conversation with his father dismantling the narrative blaming Israel for 'genocide'
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Former Muslim shares viral conversation with his father dismantling the narrative blaming Israel for 'genocide'

Author Harris Sultan went viral over the weekend for sharing a story about a conversation he had with his father that destroys the narrative accusing Israel of a "genocide" against Palestinians.

Across the world, pro-Palestinian activists accuse Israel of a "genocide." They claim Gaza is an "open-air prison" and that the Israeli military kills Palestinian civilians — women and children included — with impunity. These claims, unfortunately, even circulate in the halls of Congress, with Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) accusing President Joe Biden of supporting a "genocide."

Enter Sultan, a former Muslim who wrote a book about his experience leaving the Islamic faith.

In a recent conversation with his father, whom Sultan described as a "moderate Muslim," Sultan explained that his father asked him why he is "supporting this genocide" against the Palestinians.

After explaining that he empathizes with suffering, Sultan showed his father a photo, which his father immediately assumed came from Gaza.

But, Sultan explained, "the photo was actually of a Yemeni child pulled from the rubble resulting from a Saudi bombing in Yemen." The photo served to prove an important point: The world is outraged because Israel is defending itself from Hamas terrorists but is silent when Muslims kill their own.

"I pointed out that Israel has allegedly killed 7,000 Palestinians, while the Saudis have killed at least 150,000 Yemeni Muslims. Some estimates suggest up to 300,000. How can we call the current conflict a 'genocide' when what the Saudis did is hardly even discussed by Muslims?" Sultan explained in his viral post. "Don’t get me started on 200,000 Muslims killed by Bashar Al Asad in Syria."

Then Sultan recounted what he told his father when he expressed disagreement with Muslim-on-Muslim violence.

"How convenient. Nearly half a MILLION fellow Muslims have been killed by other Muslims, and you didn't even know about it," Sultan remembered. "Yet when Israel retaliates against a terrorist organization that has killed, raped, and maimed 1,500 of its citizens, the whole Muslim world reacts?"

This anecdote illustrates an indicting fact, Sultan explained after telling his story.

The outrage against Israel for defending itself from Hamas, he pointed out, "seems to have less to do with preserving Muslim lives and more to do with a religious fantasy of hostility toward Jews."

Sultan, it appears, is a one-man wrecking ball destroying the "genocide" narrative.

In recent days, Sultan has pointed out that Gaza's population has "quadrupled in the last 60 years" — which prima facie makes the claim that Israel is guilty of "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing" mere "propaganda" — reminded people that Hamas' leaders live luxurious lives while Palestinians in Gaza are subjected to abject poverty, and highlighted how the Western world, which claims to care about Gaza, never protested when exponentially more Muslims died in other Middle Eastern conflicts.

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