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'I'm white as well!' Bernie Sanders exclaims in response to Obama identity politics debate question


Awkward silence

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Democratic politicians spend a notable amount of time criticizing the impact of rich, old, white people on American politics. Especially rich, old, white men.

Such criticisms create a tension within the party that has been on full display during the Democratic presidential primary. In 2019, the primary has been dominated almost exclusively by three old, rich, white people. Two of them are men.

So when former President Barack Obama — a rich, not-as-old, only half-white man — says that women make better leaders than men, and that old men need to get out of the way, it can result in some awkwardness. Like Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) defensively yelling that he's white for no reason at all. Watch below:

There's a certain amount of self-loathing that must be displayed by the oldest, richest, and whitest Democratic candidates, especially now that the only minority on the debate stage is Asian entrepreneur Andrew Yang, and no one seems to want to pay attention to him anyway.

Since the last debate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a black woman, dropped out of the race because, despite qualifying for the debate, her campaign was a disaster. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), a black man, didn't meet the debate criteria and seems to be running low on cash.

Their failures have resulted in much hand-wringing and finger-pointing among Democrats about why candidates of color aren't gaining traction in the supposedly intersectional and diverse Democratic Party. The answer may be as problematic as it is simple: black Democratic voters like Joe Biden the most.

Joe Biden is a 77-year-old white millionaire who makes racially inappropriate comments, has spoken favorably of segregationists, and is known to get a bit too ... physically familiar with women. His success as a relatively moderate primary candidate is damaging to the progressive, politically-correct self-image of the party.

Now, it looks like the most intersectionality the party can hope for is South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He is a white man, but he's not rich, he's gay, and he's in his 30s. But black voters are not fond of him, and the white female millionaire candidate who used to pretend to be Native American keeps attacking him for raising money from wealthy donors.

No wonder Democrats are using impeachment as an election strategy.

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