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Jim Breuer tells Tucker Carlson about his vaccine stance — and lock-step leftists predictably launch ad-hominem attacks against comedian

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Comedian and "Saturday Night Live" alum Jim Breuer appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday to discuss his headline-grabbing decision to not perform in venues that require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry — and following the interview, the left performed a predictable lockstep lunge, demonizing the comic with ad-hominem attacks.

What are the details?

Breuer explained to Carlson that some of his fans have been upset about vaccine mandates, telling him they're "not comfortable with getting a COVID shot" but "can't come see you perform unless I do that.'"

He also compared those behind such mandates to animal trainers at amusement parks: "It's like feeding the seal the fish. Hey ... you wanna come see a concert?" Breuer offered an obligatory seal-like noise for emphasis, then asked of the vaccine mandate powers that be, "Why would you do that?"

Breuer added that the "new narrative" says "the unvaccinated are the beast. Kill the beast. This program goes on forever." With that, Breuer switched to an evil-sounding voice and intoned, "Kill the beast! The beast is the unvaccinated! Kill them!"

Invoking President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate announced last week, Breuer said "our leader ... pointed the finger like we're the demons. I'm not vaccinated. I had COVID. You're not gonna tell me about my body. I know my body. I know my morals. I know my faith. You don't ... threaten me and everyone else as if we're the demons."

After sharing that two fully vaccinated friends of his are sick with the virus and lamenting that few authority figures are encouraging others to get healthy, Breuer added that the overwhelming majority of people reacted positively to his vaccine stance and said "thank you for speaking up."

He concluded that we're in a time of "good versus evil" and "power versus the powerless" but that "it's time for the power of the fearless ... the fearless have to start rising. We know something's wrong."

Tucker Carlson - Jim Breuer Rants On Vaccine Mandates For His Comedy Shows

How did the left react?

You need not be Nostradamus to predict that the left came together on cue and ripped Breuer for daring to speak up — and it was all ad-hominem attacks:

  • "This is how Goat Boy is doing these days," the Huffington Post opined, adding that Breuer's take "got weird in a hurry."
  • HipHopWired said Breuer's interview with Carlson "was all bad" and showed the comic "was an Op all along."
  • Uproxx's headline blared, "'SNL' Vet Jim Breuer Went On Tucker Carlson To Rant About Vaccines (And Demons), And All People Did Was Make Goat Boy Jokes."
  • The title of Raw Story's piece was "Vaccine-bashing comedian makes animal noises to protest mandates in bizarre Tucker Carlson interview."

Here are other tweeted nuggets of left-wing wisdom, so universally jam-packed with substance it's surprising the takes remained as brief as they did:

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