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Joe Biden admits 'there's some truth' to Obama's alleged claim that the former VP 'really doesn't have it'


Good thing Joe doesn't want Obama's endorsement

Jonathan Newton /The Washington Post via Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that former President Barack Obama was at least partially correct when he allegedly told another 2020 candidate that Biden "really doesn't have it," referring to his connection with voters, according to Politico.

A recent Politico Magazine article reported that Obama said some less-than-flattering things about his vice president of two terms—who Obama still has not endorsed in the presidential primary.

Obama reportedly told an unnamed candidate that he doesn't have the same "intimate bond" with voters, particularly in Iowa, that he had during his 2008 campaign.

"And you know who really doesn't have it?" Obama reportedly said. "Joe Biden."

Biden didn't dispute Obama's alleged analysis.

"He may have said that," Biden conceded. "And if it's true, and he has said it, there's truth to it. ...[I've] mostly campaigned for other people in the time I've been here. And I've never been in a position seeking the nomination where I have had the money and the organization to be able to get open headquarters all over the state."

Biden is not looking strong in Iowa right now, a state that, for reasons largely based in tradition, has significant influence on the primary process as the first caucus. The Iowa caucuses will be held Feb. 3.

Most recent polls have either South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg or Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) leading in Iowa. A couple of recent polls show Biden as low as fourth in Iowa, setting up the potential for a demoralizing start to 2020 for the current national frontrunner.

Still, Biden has been dismissive of both Buttigieg and Warren. He accused Buttigieg of stealing his more moderate platform on health care, and has scoffed at reports that Warren is drawing larger crowds than he is on the campaign trail.

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