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Joy Behar loses it and calls President Trump a 'domestic terrorist' — Whoopi has to talk her down from the ledge


Losing her grip?

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Joy Behar, liberal co-host on "The View," referred to President Donald Trump as a "domestic terrorist" during Thursday's airing of the hit daytime TV show.

Fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg, however, reined in Behar and said that she surely couldn't mean such a thing.

What are the details?

The popular panel of women on Thursday discussed the protests in Seattle, which took center stage in this week's news. At one point this week, demonstrators took over Seattle's City Hall, and later declared one area neighborhood — "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" or CHAZ — as a police-free autonomous zone.

Trump railed against Washington state's government about how it has been handling protesters and rioters, and specifically this week, referred to people who have "taken over Seattle" as "domestic terrorists."

"[Trump] doesn't help anything," Behar spat. "As a matter of fact, he has the nerve to call anybody a domestic terrorist. He's the domestic terrorist. He's the one who's been impeached for obstructing justice in this country."

She wasn't done there.

"He's worried about the people in Seattle? By the way — if he wants to do something in Seattle, somebody better show him where it is on the map. I doubt he even knows where it is. Get back in your bunker. Get back in the bunker," she ranted.

What did Whoopi do next?

Goldberg, seemingly taken aback by Behar's remarks, attempted to bring the train back onto the tracks.

"Joy, I need you to clear up one thing: You were not calling the president a domestic terrorist. You were just saying that his take on this is a little crazier than you thought, is that right?" Goldberg prompted.

Clearly frustrated by having to discuss the president in a rational manner, Behar groused, "Um, yeah. I guess. I mean, I'm not calling anybody names like he does. It's just that it seems ironic that he would be calling people domestic terrorists. I mean, I'll get in trouble for calling him a domestic terrorist, [but] he won't get in trouble for calling innocent people domestic terrorists."

Behar relented, however, and said that she misspoke.

"That's the irony of the situation," she complained. "So I take it back. I take it back."

Trump Labels Protesters "Domestic Terrorists" | The View www.youtube.com

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