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VIDEO: Worked-up 'Karen' scolds mom for letting her kids drive toy Power Wheels car without a driver's license


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Image source: TikTok video screenshots

What would America do without schoolmarm-like scolds to keep us in line?

Well, one California mom would have had a peaceful day at the park with her kids.

The mom, who identifies herself as "luna4boys04" on TikTok, posted a video Thursday of a trip she took to the local park where she was scolded in front of her kids by a woman who was upset that the mom was allowing the youngsters to drive a toy car without a driver's license.

What were the scofflaws doing to upset Karen?

As the woman approached the mom, she griped that the kids were being allowed to "drive all over the place" in a Power Wheels rig.

Mom responded, "They're playing, that's what the park is for."

Karen replied, "I never saw a car in here before." But she added that that's not what bothered her.

So then what did upset her? The kids were cruising around in their toy car without a driver's license.

"What bothers me is you have a little kid in here that doesn't have a driver's license," the overly concerned citizen complained. "He's just a little kid. And you're not with him!"

Mom replied, laughing, "It's not a real car!" as Ms. Helpful wandered off.

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But we should all be glad someone is putting that mom in her place. Power Wheels are notoriously fast and, therefore, unsafe vehicles.

The cars, which are designed for preschoolers, typically have a variable speed of 1 to 5 miles per hour, noted.

If you turn off the air conditioning, you can it up to, well, 5 miles per hour.

In other words, most adults walk faster than the average speed of a Power Wheels vehicle.

Yet irresponsible parents continue to put their children in peril by purchasing these killing machines. Just look how dangerous these things are in action:

Power Wheels by Fisher Price Ford F150

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