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Kellyanne Conway claps back at reporter for 'inappropriate' question about her marriage: 'What are you, Oprah now?'


The senior White House adviser was not impressed

Image source: Fox News video screenshot

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway made it clear she was less than impressed by a question Fox News' Chris Wallace asked her Sunday about her marriage, asking Wallace, "What are you, Oprah now?"

What are the details?

Wallace rushed through a litany of political topics before shifting the interview and asking Conway a personal question.

"Finally, I want to get into something I don't like talking about, I know you don't like talking about," the journalist prefaced, telling Conway that when it was announced she would be on the show, many people asked him to inquire about "the state of [her] marriage with George Conway."

Wallace then listed off Tweets sent by George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's husband, which criticized President Donald Trump. The Fox News host went on to ask a series of questions such as whether the administration official was being cyberbullied by her husband, and if he was jealous of her, before saying, "I guess the question I have to ask, bottom line, final question: 'Has this hurt your marriage?'"

"Oh, Chris, what are you, Oprah now?," Conway responded. "I mean, what, am I on the couch and you're a psychiatrist? I think that's a really inappropriate question, and here's why: That's the line over which nobody has crossed. So, if you want to talk about policy issues, policy disagreements, the fact that George Conway — my husband — would prefer that I not work in the White House, I guess you can ask those questions. The president has weighed in, I've weighed in, as modestly as I can."

"But now you're asking a very personal question," Conway continued. "And I would say to you, you should go ask it of many people. I see messy lives living in glass houses all over both cities in which I live."

Pointing to those who have speculated on her marriage, Conway said, "I have seen homewreckers on TV as marital experts all of a sudden. It's very amusing to me, but I think people knew they crossed the line when they're talking about people's marriages."

Conway added, "My family has a right to their private life also. I have children who are 14, 14, 11, and 9. And the reason it gets so much coverage, particularly by the mainstream media, is because George Conway now agrees with them — he shares their views about President Trump, and their goals."

Wallace completed the interview with an apology and asked Conway to "please, come back."

Who started the feud?

George Conway has been highly critical of President Trump publicly for nearly two years, which is what fueled the line of questioning by Wallace.

Conway, an attorney, has hit out at the president several times on Twitter, formed a club of conservative lawyers to speak against the president, and recently penned an op-ed for the Washington Post, wherein he asserted President Trump is "unfit for office" — in spite of his wife's position in the administration.

In a recent feud between the two men, George Conway accused the president of being narcissistic.

President Trump fired back, saying Mr. Conway "is VERY jealous of his wife's success" and angry that he did not land a job within the administration, himself. The president also called George Conway a "stone cold loser" and "husband from hell."

George Conway told the president he was "nuts" in response.

Anything else?

Kellyanne Conway told Wallace that her husband turned down a position offered by the Trump administration.

A purported copy of George Conway's letter declining the role of assistant attorney general for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice was published by the Post on March 20.

In the past, Kellyanne Conway has said her husband's comments criticizing the president were "disrespectful" of her and their marriage vows.

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