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Left-wing college students: President Trump is biggest threat to world peace — even bigger than leaders of Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China


'I just hate him ... he's definitely a threat to the world'

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A bunch of left-wing students attended the College Convention 2020 in New Hampshire last week — which featured numerous Democratic presidential candidates as speakers — and a reporter from The College Fix was there, too, and asked the students one question:

Among the following five world leaders — Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, Russian President Vladimir Putin, China's General Secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping, and U.S. President Donald Trump — which one is the "greatest danger to world peace?"

Do you really need a magic 8-ball?

Dear readers, we're talking about progressive college students — young men and women who never met a communist or totalitarian leader they didn't like and would search for needles in endless haystacks for reasons to criticize Trump.

So, yeah, the Fix said the vast majority of interviewed students said their president is the biggest threat to world peace.

One student said Trump's "erratic behavior" and "how unpredictable he is" makes him a bigger danger than the other world leaders.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A scraggly dude managed the following reply: "I think having our president be Donald Trump, it is severely dangerous to our country and the world — peace."

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Got it.

Another student said even though the American government employs checks and balances, "we've all seen that [Trump] decides to do whatever he wants. I think Iran is terrifying, but I think that Trump really was the one who triggered [the present conflict with Iran]. I don't think we would be as afraid of Iran and North Korea if it wasn't [for] Trump who is breaking all these rules in the United States and taking scary political action."

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One student acknowledged that he believes Trump is the biggest threat, but he appeared to blame the power of the office, as he said his answer would have been former President Barack Obama or former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had she been elected.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"Trump," another student said without hesitation. "I just hate him. I think he's irrational. I think he makes decisions that put us in a dangerous position, like what we're in right now with Iran, like we have no idea what's about to happen. He's definitely a threat to the world."

Students say Trump bigger threat than leaders of Iran, China, North Korea youtu.be

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