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LGBT official at one of Canada's largest school boards peddles claim that Jesus was 'a drag queen' on Good Friday

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An LGBT activist who doubles as an official in one of Canada's biggest school boards was apparently careful to spare Muhammad and his followers offense during Ramadan, but sure to denigrate Jesus Christ during Holy Week.

Sara Savoia, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board's “Trans and Gender Diverse Student Support Coordinator,” reportedly tweeted on Good Friday, "Here's a reminder that Jesus himself was a radical activist... and a drag queen. And also not white. Happy Easter to all those celebrating!"

Accompanying Savoia's message was an illustration depicting Jesus speaking to children, which was captioned, "Oh look, it's a man in a dress telling stories to children."

Savoia — a female former teacher who provides plural pronouns and claims "Trans rights are non-negotiable" in her Twitter profile — has since locked her personal account (but not her OCDSB-affiliated "2sLGBTQ+" account), as she was met with significant backlash over her remarks.

Before Savoia hid her tweet history, Chanel Pfahl — the former MonAvenir Catholic School Board high school science teacher who was placed under investigation by the Ontario College of Teachers last year for opposing critical race theory — managed to snap a screenshot:

Dr. Aaron Rock, a pastor at Harvest Bible Church, told the conservative Canadian publication True North that "the very notion that (Jesus) dressed as a woman so he could entertain children is offensive to all Christians and unbecoming a public official."

Jesus' clothing, as depicted in the illustration, "matched with the Jewish customs of his day for men, as evidenced in the gambling away of his clothing to Roman soldiers at the foot of the cross," said Rock.

Rock added, "He is both 100% God, ensuring he lived his life on earth with absolute holiness, and 100% man, living his life in accordance with God’s creational design for a human male."

This is not the first time Savoia has tried to stick it to Christians, having previously called for the elimination of Catholic schools.

Catholics helped establish and found Canada with the guarantee that they could have their own separate school board. The Canadian Fathers of Confederation conceded that without this guarantee "being embodied in that new constitution, we should have been unable to obtain any Confederation whatever."

Despite this historic admission — that there would be no Canada without protection for Catholic schools — Savoia stressed in an October 2022 tweet that if Catholic schools maintain their traditional values, they should be eliminated.

"If that religion cannot change its practice of teaching children that there is something wrong with them because of their sexual orientation … then we should stop that religion from having a separate education system," wrote Savoia.

Jonathan Kay, an editor at Quillette, highlighted several other remarks Savoia made online, indicating she is not just antipathetic to orthodox Christianity but to biological realism as well.

In one instance, Savoia bragged about prompting grade five students to consider whether "2 trans ppl would be able to procreate. We listened to multiple stories including dads who carry the baby as he is the one who houses the uterus #SexEdisCritical."

Savoia noted in another tweet that "7/30 of my current Gr 4/5 students have talked to me re: their fluid gender & sexual identities. Do they feel comfortable because I implement Queer & Trans Education year round? Most likely. 'Bcuz they are seen, heard, & (as much as possible) understood."

Responding to a tweet from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which stated, "The right to choose is a woman's right and a woman's right alone. Every woman in Canada has a right to a safe and legal abortion," Savoia suggested that it was important to ensure "this statement is true and applicable to ALL people with vaginas. Not just self-identified womxn. #MenCanHaveBabiesToo."

True North reported that on "International Pronouns Day," Savoia encouraged teachers to discuss gender pronouns with elementary school students and to incorporate the exercise in indoctrination into arts and crafts.

Administrators of the OCDSB's "Equity Program" reportedly work with schools to "intervene" against "microaggressions against 2SLBTQ+ students," although it is unclear from the board's site whether similar interventions are made to stop anti-Christian bigotry.

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