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Malibu homeless man reportedly attacks family of 5 with machete, causes dad to lose an eye. Suspect was arrested months earlier but released by progressive DA.

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A homeless man in Malibu, California, allegedly attacked a family of five with a machete this week, slashing the father in the face multiple times before leaving him to bleed out.

The father — who sustained gashes across the face, ears, and tongue — was rushed to the hospital for treatment after the attack, KTTV-TV reported. But doctors were not able to save one of his eyes.

What are the details?

According to the news outlet, the incident occurred Sunday on Dan Blocker Beach when Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies responded to a call about an assault following a dispute.

Two homeless people allegedly approached a family saying they were not allowed in the area, leading to an argument between them and the father. The argument turned violent when one of the suspects, later identified as Richard Franck, pulled out a machete and began swinging at the father.

Father slashed with machete by homeless man in Malibuwww.youtube.com

Deputies said Franck and his companion then chased the other four family members.

The two suspects were later found and arrested. Both now face charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, KTTV said. Franck is being held on $1 million bond.

What else?

The heinous crime has reportedly caused uproar in the community as L.A. County's homeless problem continues to worsen, putting members of the public in danger.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva put the county's district attorney, George Gascón, on blast Thursday, tweeting that Franck was arrested in April for pulling a knife on a peace officer, only to be released on a misdemeanor charge under the district attorney's progressive new crime measures.

"There are consequences for reducing penalties for crimes ... and the consequences are being borne right now by the public all because our D.A. doesn't want to do his job," Villanueva said Thursday night during a meeting with Malibu residents.

During the town hall, the sheriff added that actions need to be taken now to reduce the homeless population in the area.

"We cannot afford L.A. County to house the nation's homeless," he said. "People are not entitled to pop a tent wherever they want to and claim public space for themselves."

Anything else?

Violent homeless crime has been on the rise in progressive West Coast cities this year.

Last month, a couple in Seattle with a young toddler was attacked with a machete, rocks, and a 5-foot wooden pole while attempting to retrieve stolen goods from a Seattle-area homeless encampment.

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