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Monty Python's Terry Gilliam says he's tired of 'mob mentality' and white men 'being blamed for everything wrong with the world'


He's totally over it

Photo by KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images

Terry Gilliam, writer and director of the Monty Python troupe, says he's sick and tired of white men being "blamed for everything."

Gilliam made the remarks during a recent interview with The Independent while promoting his new film, "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote."

What did he say?

Taking aim at the #MeToo movement, the 79-year-old legend said that it's unfair men receive the brunt of the blame for abuse and that #MeToo is a "witch hunt."

Referring to embattled film mogul and accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, Gilliam said, "There are many victims in [his] life, and I feel sympathy for them, but then Hollywood is full of very ambitious people who are adults and they make choices. We all make choices, and I could tell you who did make the choice and who didn't."

"I hate Harvey," he insisted. "I had to work with him and I know the abuse, but I don't want people saying that all men ... I understand that men have had more power longer, but I'm tired, as a white male, of being blamed for everything that is wrong with the world."

"When you have power, you don't take responsibility for abusing others," he added. "You enjoy the power. That's the way it works in reality."

What else?

Earlier during the interview, Gilliam made clear his thoughts on the movement.

"Yeah, I said #MeToo is a witch hunt," he said. "I really feel there were a lot of people, decent people, or mildly irritating people, who were getting hammered. That's wrong. I don't like mob mentality."

The U.K.'s Women's Equality Party issued a statement condemning Gilliam's remarks.

"We're tired of white men calling 'witch hunt' and refusing to examine the societal privileges that afford them so much scope to behave poorly without consequence," the statement read, according to NBC News.

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